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The Little Book of Bonsai by Jonas Dupuich

Finally, the beginner's bonsai book you've been waiting for

Jonas Dupuich is one of North America's most highly accomplished bonsai artists, teachers and writers 
Here's what Michael Hagedorn (author of Post-Dated) wrote..."
We have waited a long time for a concise introductory bonsai book written by an expert, and we finally have it. Dupuich's book has the earmark of a classic"

And here's Bill Valavanis... "This well written and beautifully illustrated book covers bonsai care along with authoritative information for creating you own bonsai. Highly recommended for beginners"

And, that's not all. In our opinion intermediate students can learn from this great little book as well as beginners. It's that good and the quality of the bonsai Jonas uses is pure inspiration

Hardcover, 6 1/4" x 7 3/4" 106 full color pages with clear, easy to follow illustrations and photos.

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