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Set of 2 Bonsai Books by Francois Jeker

Set of 2 Bonsai Books by Francois Jeker

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Buy both of Francois Jeker's in-depth, indispensable bonsai tree books and save.

No other English language books cover the so much ground when it comes to understanding what makes bonsai beautiful, and no one is more thorough then Francois Jeker when it comes to teaching the aesthetics of bonsai in a way that is accessible and enjoyable.

Bonsai Aesthetics volume one covers the main rules of Bonsai Aesthetics (volume 2 is out of print).

Deadwood teaches you how to create strikingly authentic aged looking deadwood to elevate your bonsai to new heights.

Both volumes are softcover and each is full of beautiful color photos and illustrations.

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