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$15.00 OFF - Roshi 4 piece Bonsai Carving Set with Handsome Case

$15.00 OFF - Roshi 4 piece Bonsai Carving Set with Handsome Case

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Did you ever wonder how those beautiful flowing grooves in deadwood are made? The tools in this set are designed for just those grooves, with each tool making grooves of different shapes and sizes

As an added plus, these tools are excellent for peeling bark when creating jin and shari. Beyond that, we're sure you can come up with other uses

Each tool in this handy Roshi 4 piece bonsai carving set is designed to carve downward while pulling towards you. This requires less force to use and is easier to control than carving tools that are designed to push away from you while you carve

Handle lengths are 6" long  (15.25cm). Blade lengths vary from 9/16" to 1" (14.25mm to 25.4mm) and blade widths vary from 1/8" to 1/2" (3.2mm to 12.7mm)

The 4 pocket handsome simulated leather vinyl case is designed specifically for this set of tools

Hand carving deadwood on your bonsai trees can be a rewarding task, especially if you have the right tools and our Roshi Bonsai Tools are famous for their quality and reasonable prices

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