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Aoki Shohin Japanese Bonsai Soil Mix - 1 gallon

Aoki Shohin Japanese Bonsai Soil Mix - 1 gallon

Aoki Imported Bonsai soil blend is a favorite with Japanese bonsai growers. The blend is Akadama, Fuji & Kiryu soils. All three are of volcanic origin. Aoki is designed primarily for conifer bonsai, but will work well with almost any type tree. Even though it's pricey, Aoki has been catching on here in the States, with an increasing number of bonsai growers enjoying successful results.

The particles in this mix are the very small shohin size (3mm). Though shohin soil is usually used for small (shohin) trees, some professionals and others prefer it for their most prized full size trees. Imported from Japan.

1 gallon bag soil mix, small grain (3mm)

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