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All Purpose Bonsai Soil Coarse Mix - 1 Quart

This ready-to-use coarse soil mix is used mostly for large bonsai. The primary components are equal parts pumice, black lava, and expanded haydite. Particle sizes range from approximately 5mm to 10mm.

The primary advantage of this neutral growing medium is that it retains beneficial water while quickly draining excess, which promotes excellent root growth. It also breaks down slowly allowing for less frequent repotting and keeping drainage holes relatively free of debris.

Because it contains no organic material this soil requires fertilizing. We recommend our slow release organic pellet fertilizers supplemented with a good liquid fertilizer.

 For tropical plants you may also want to add moderate amounts of organic matter like pine bark, or you can just use our Tropical soil mix. 

1 quart bag - Coarse particle size 5mm to 10mm

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