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zFicus Too Little 4

This Ficus Too Little is originally from Florida and has been growing here under lights in the winter and outside in the summer for 5 to 8 years. What distinguishes Too Little Ficus from others is the tiny leaves and relatively slow overall growth rate. Like all of our bonsai, the tree pictured is the one you'll receive

Ficus are our favorite bonsai for indoor growing, or indoor/outdoor growing when temperatures permit (never let a tropical tree freeze). Watering and other care is the same for most tropical bonsai, though Ficus species (especially Ficus compacta varieties) tend to be stronger than most. For more detailed care information for Ficus and other bonsai, we suggest you visit Bonsai Empire.

Botanical name - Ficus compacta, Too Little
Height Overall - 15" 
Height Tree  - 13.5"
Pot Type - High Impact Round Plastic Bonsai Pot
Pots Diameter - 8"
Trunk Diameter at Base -  3"
Trunk Diameter at 2" from Soil  - 1" 
Estimated age - 7 years
Domestically grown

NOTE: We do not ship live plants outside the U.S. - All plant sale are final.

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