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Introduction to Bonsai - The Complete Illustrated Guide for Beginners

One very best beginner's guides we've seen yet and almost certainly one of the most complete, if not the most complete guides. So rich and thorough that it might be better titled  .... The Complete Illustrated Guide for Beginners to Intermediate. It's that extensive when it comes how-to bonsai books.

And maybe best of all, are the over 2,000 color illustrations by Kyosuke Gun, a true master bonsai illustrator. I am continually struck but just how clear, easy to understand and beautiful Mr Gun's illustrations are. 

Another piece that sets this book apart from so many others, is the extensive guide that features care for 48 different bonsai species. And when they say care, it's not just watering and fertilizing. It's a much broader notion of what it mean to properly care for a bonsai, including a seasonal guide, potting, trimming, wiring and much more... for each of the 48 species. All richly illustrated by the magnificent and easy to follow illustration of Kyosuke Gun. 

Softcover - 192 pages - 10" x 7.5" - over 2,000 color illustrations

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