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zLarch Bonsai 3

We estimate this American larch (Tamarack) is 15 years old. It was dug near here in Northern Vermont about 9 years ago and has been growing here since. All of our trees, including this one, are one of a kind. This means that the tree pictured is the one you'll receive. 

American larch (aka Tamarack) are cold climate trees that can be grown outside almost anywhere in the U.S., though at least one or two months at or below freezing are essential for maximum heath. In most areas they can be grown outside year round, though some protection is good where winters are severe. We winter ours in open boxes (sides only, no tops or bottoms) covered by leaves and snow in an area protected from strong winds. Our success rate has been virtually 100% for hundreds of trees over the years.

Larch are sun lovers but be careful not to allow the roots to become bone dry while sitting in the hot sun. For more detailed care information for larch and other bonsai, we suggest you visit Bonsai Empire.

Botanical name - Larix laricina
Height Overall - 27"
Height Tree  - 23"
Type Pot - Standard Tie Pot
Pot diameter - 11.5"
Trunk Diameter at Base - 1.25"
Trunk Diameter at 2" above the soil - .75"
Estimated Age - 15 years

NOTE: We do not ship live plants outside the U.S.

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