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5.00 off - Literati Style Penjing by Zhao Qingquan

5.00 off - Literati Style Penjing by Zhao Qingquan

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This beautiful book is one of our favorites. Zhao Qingquan is one of the world's most renowned Penjing masters and when you see this book you'll know why. It has everything you want to know about the Literati style Penjing and and offers inspiration that will motivate you to try your hand at creating dramatic Penjing plantings of your own.

Penjing is sometimes referred to as Chinese bonsai, though you might just as easily refer to bonsai as Japanese Penjing (after all, bonsai originated in China). It's an ancient art form that emphasizes simplicity, naturalness, profundity and subtlety.

Includes design, care, categories, techniques and much more. And the trees are exquisite, as are the 340 color photos.

Hardcover. 8.25" x 11.25" (25 x 26 cm) 160 pages

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