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40% OFF - Neem Oil Organic Plant Protection 8oz

40% OFF - Neem Oil Organic Plant Protection 8oz

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Neem Oil is pressed from seeds of the Neem tree and has been used for centuries as an organic, safe and effective growth regulator and anti-feedant (tastes and smells so noxious no insect will touch it) for more the 200 insect pests.

It is non-toxic to humans, birds, mammals and beneficial insects.

Good for existing infestations and for prevention, both on contact and as a systemic.

Highly concentrated and it smells unpleasant (it's part of why it works). Works best in conjunction with other pest control measures.

Mix with water, add a drop of dish detergent and spray on your bonsai trees and other plants. Wash leaves off next time you water to prevent the detergent form clogging leaf pores. 8oz

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