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Okatsune Bypass Shears 7"

Okatsune Bypass Shears 7"

Okatsune makes some of the best tools (if not the best tools) in the world and these super sturdy and sharp bypass shears are no exception. As we are fond of saying, they cut like butter and last a lifetime.

I always keep mine close at hand and use them for heavy bonsai branches and roots, and practically everywhere in the garden.

As an extra plus, experienced gardeners and bonsai artists know that lost hand tools are a gardener's nemesis, and the red and white handles makes finding them easy against any background (for example half buried in soil underneath a garden shrub).

7" Made in Japan by Okatsune, one of very best hand tool makers in the world.

BEWARE OF KNOCK OFFS! If you see a price for any Okatsune tool that's too good to be true, it might be a made in China knockoff.

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