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Professional Bonsai Soil Mix - 1 Gallon

Professional Bonsai Soil Mix - 1 Gallon

This ready to use Professional soil mix is sometimes called "Boon Mix" after Boon Manakitivipart, a respected American bonsai artist and teacher.

The primary components are 1/3rd hard Akadama 1/3rd Pumice - and 1/3rd Black Lava, with small amounts of Horticultural Charcoal to harbor beneficial bacteria and provide humic acid. It also contains some Decomposed Granite to add weight and structure.

One of its best feature is optimal drainage and water retention (excess water drains quickly while optimal amounts for root absorption are held in the pores of the soil particles). This helps with nutrient retention and absorption and promotes excellent root growth (root growth can be further optimized by growing in our Tie Pots).

This mix is has no organic components. There are several advantages to this, but perhaps the most important is non-organic soil breaks down slowly which means you don't have to repot as often and there's little if any clogging around the drain holes. Organic material can also dry down unevenly leaving wet pockets in the soil

Because there are no organic materials in our Professional mix, you need to add nutrients (we recommend slow release organic pellets).

Particle sizes range from 1/16" - 1/4" which is suitable for almost all trees

1 gallon bag

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