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zShimpaku Juniper 6

We have been growing this tree for about eighteen years. It's on its own roots and we live in climate with a short growing season, so growth is gradual. Still it has the marks of age and other qualities which are desirable in Shimpaku and most other bonsai. All of our trees, including this one, are one of a kind. This means that the tree pictured is the one you'll receive

Quality Shimpaku junipers have long been among the most sought after bonsai varieties. Especially those with some age and character. They can survive in a range of climates, though they are not suitable for indoors or tropical climates, and will do best in places with below freezing temperatures in the winter. For more on Shimpaku and other juniper care we suggest you visit Bonsai Empire. 

Botanical Name - Juniperus chinensis (Sargenti) var Shimpaku
Height Overall - 12"
Height Tree  - 10"
Pot Type - Standard Tie Pot
Pot Diameter - 11.5"
Trunk Diameter at Base -  .75" - See photo
Trunk Diameter at 2" -  .75" 
Approximate Age - 15 years

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