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TIE POTS for Growing Bonsai

TIE POTS for Growing Bonsai

We love our NEW Tie Pots. It's the product those of us who grow our own bonsai have been waiting for.

Growing bonsai is now easier and more enjoyable for anyone. Each pot features sturdy anchor points for precise anchoring and guy wiring, and perhaps best of all Air-Pruning for accelerated growth, no circling roots, more feeder roots, more buds and shoots and healthier plants.

Air pruning does the root pruning for you and encourages fine feeder roots to spread throughout the soil, instead of on the tips of long wrapped around roots you find in conventional nursery pots.

Just as good as air-pruning is how easy it is to transplant into tie pots. Anchoring wire to the bottom of regular bonsai or training pots is time consuming and can cause extra root disturbance (just transplanting disturbs the roots enough, so you want to add to the stress), but with tie pots it takes almost no time to tie them in and it creates zero extra root disturbance.

Made of durable, high impact plastic with special grooves for directing roots to aeration holes and sturdy tie knobs around the rim.

11" x 4.5" (28cm x 11.5cm)

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