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2023 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition: Photos by Bill Valavanis (Part I)


It has been too long since we visited Bill Valavanis' bonsai blog. And, I believe we missed posting about the 2023 Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition (the Grandaddy of them all). So, let's do both right now!

This Juniper from this year's Kokufu Exhibition belongs to Doug Paul, owner of the Kennett Collection in Kennett, PA. Doug often has trees accepted by Kokufu. 

The photo is by Bill Valavanis, who, no matter what, keeps showing up at all the major Japanese (and other) exhibitions. 

Here's Doug's whole display. 

This powerful maple (looks Trident from here) with its rather impressive nebari is owned by Mark Cooper, another Westerner (UK). 

Had to show this one. The boundaries of what is acceptable in major exhibits and elsewhere have expanded over the years. In my fifteen years of bonsai blogging, the movement beyond conventional styling seems to have accelerated. Especially in Japan of all places. Or maybe Bill just has an eye for the unusual. 

Here's another one that strikes me as a tad out of the mainstream. 

No caption with this one. 

None with this pine either. 

It wouldn't be a bonsai exhibition without some Shohin displays. 


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Bill Valavanis Bonsai blog

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