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Hand Held Bonsai from Javi Campos Juan


I’ve always liked photos of hand held bonsai. The hand immediately provides a way to determine the size of a tree and it adds a personal touch, without the distracting photos of the proud artist posing with the tree.* 

All the bonsai photos shown below were posted by Javi Campos Juan.

*I'm not opposed to showing the artist and tree together as long as we can see at least one photo of just the tree so we can appreciate it on its own merits.

No variety is given with any of the photos featured here and we won't bother to guess. They all belong to (or belonged to back in 2016 when they were taken) Javi Campos Juan.

Great tree with a powerful base and excellent taper, but what about that distracting shoot on the left? Well, eventually it will be shortened, but for now it's there to draw energy into the branch and hasten its development. It will be removed once its purpose is accomplished. It's called a sacrificial branch and sometimes they are allowed to grow very long before they are removed. 

You may have noticed by now that these are exceptional bonsai. The skilled work of an accomplished bonsai artist over many years. 

This gnarly little tree with its gnarly little pot also shows a sacrificial shoot.

A closer look without the hand and pot.

And one more. The more I look at these photos, the more impressed I am. 



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