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A Great Step-by-Step Bonsai Story


 This Ezo spruce (Picea jezoenis) belongs to Walter Pall. It's one of the two 'after' shots Walter provided. The hand built tray by Dietmar Popp accentuates its untouched natural look

Today's tree was originally collected in Hokkaido, Japan sometime before 1950 and is now well over 100 years old. We've chosen ten photos from a step-by-step series of twenty nine photos by Walter Pall (scroll down for the link)
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Walter Pall is an enormously prolific bonsai artist with an unflagging commitment to sharing his work with the world. He presents his instructive step-by-step presentations so skillfully that it almost seems like you’re standing there looking over his shoulder. Or in this case, over Thomas’ shoulder (Walter’s wrote that "Thomas helped to get this on its way")
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A close up of the large sabamiki (hollow in the trunk) taken before the work



 Thomas working deadwood at the edge of the sabamiki with what looks like a Bosch diegrinder


 Working the deadwood in the back with a Dremel type tool


 You might notice the blackened wood. It's from using a small blow torch to burn off unwanted rotten and otherwise unsightly wood and help accentuate the grooves


Time to spring for a new wire brush?



Treating the deadwood with lime sulfur


 Wiring it down into it's new tray


Finished for now. Walter usually presents both black (at the top) and light grey backgrounds. Which do you prefer? 

 As mentioned above, Walter put up 29 photos in all showing the work and results on this tree. We are presenting only a small fraction here and encourage you to visit Walter on facebook to view the whole process


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