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Bonsai Muscle - New Year Special, Everything* Marked Down



Tropical dreaming on such a winter's day... Our source for this and the other magnificent muscular monsters (sorry!) is Sky Hsieh, Taiwan Bonsai. No varieties are listed (in English anyway) but their massive girth and bright emerald leaves bring Ficus microcarpa to mind

We can't stay away from Taiwan for long. Some of the very best tropical bonsai reside there, and in the mountains where temperatures are lower, you can find large bonsai nurseries full of field grown junipers (most look like Shimpaku). We've featured some of these in the past and will not doubt feature more in the future
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Our a more commercial note, we've decided to extend our year end Special into 2020. Everything* is marked down. Some items are marked way down (50% or more off). If you're on our blog (which you are) you're on our website (see the menu above). 
*We have 8 items that cannot be marked down due to contractual agreements. This means almost 99 percent of our approximately 600 items are marked down




 You can visit Sky Hsieh on Facebook for more great bonsai photos 


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