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A Quick Before and After Bonsai


b&aBefore and after Juniper by Bonsai Mike made quick and easy (or at least quick). Here's part what Mike wrote about this tree and the event where the transformation took place...  "I’d like to thank the Puget Sound Bonsai Association for bringing me up to Seattle... Here’s a before and after of my demo tree. Deadwood still needs to be finished."

Yesterday we featured a before and after by Bonsai Mike. Today, we’ve got another of Mike’s B&As. Both are junipers and both are impressive in their own right. After that, most similarities end. Yesterday’s was a monster yamadori where the process spanned five years. Today’s spanned hours
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Before. Good stock, but plenty to do to get from here to after

Continued from above…
Transforming a tree in a few hours requires vision, quick decisions and technical competence. Experienced bonsai artists usually pull it off with flying colors, but there are no guarantees (the material they start with has a lot to do with the end result). In this case, the result speaks for itself


After. Not bad, especially considering it only took a few hours

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