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Two Legged Juniper – Before & After



Sierra juniper (Juniperus occidentalis), before and after by Bonsai Mike. You can see the potential peeking out underneath the foliage in the before shot. Still, an impressive transformation

Today’s tree belongs to Bonsai Mike, a first timer here on Bark (as distinguished from Michael Bonsai, who has appeared here numerous times). Here’s what Mike wrote about this old yamadori juniper… “One of my best trees. I collected this Sierra in 2011. It has gone through 3 stylings since then and keeps improving. The foliage is getting a little heavy now. In order to show greater age, some branches must be removed in order to create more open space.


Before. I cropped off the edges in the B&A photo for a better fit. Here's the uncropped version



Further along...


Mike put up several after shots. This one presents a good picture of the living veins


Two legged beast. Shot at night



Another night shot.

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