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Masterpiece Bonsai


I picked this one mostly because of the crazy pot, though the tree isn't half bad either. Unfortunately no indentification or attribution is given, which goes for all of today's trees. They're from a FB account called Japan Bonsai

Here's a Mountain hemlock grove that you might recognize. It belongs to Michael Hagedorn, makes its home in Portland Oregon and won the Finest Evergreen Bonsai at the 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition.

 Judging by what I can see of the leaves, I'd say this one is a Trident maple.

Walking on the wild side. In addition to the massive display of deadwood, you might notice the two different textures on the foliage. I'll guess that the smoother foliage is Shimpaku that was grafted on and the rougher foliage is original. You might imagine that it will be replaced later.

Another walk on the wild side...

This time a little change of pace. Even though the planting is small, there's a lot to appreciate. Not the least of which is the contrast of the three strong colors. And just in case your eyes got fixed on the brilliant tree, you might look down just a bit and enjoy the perfect little stand.

Another convoluted masterpiece that looks like it's pregnant with deadwood. Would you say Shimpaku juniper?

I don't know what this is, but I'm in love with melted wax trunk.

Gracefully flowing tranquility on a powerful nebari. And there's no doubt it's a Stewartia.

My best guess is crabapple on this gem. But I can't see the leaves clearly enough to be sure.

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