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Bonsai Roundup


Here’s another assortment of compelling images that popped up on my facebook timeline.

After and before. It’s a Kishu shimpaku that belongs to Michele Andolfo.

This photo was posted by Serene Jade Almond. Here’s the caption… ”Magnificent ~ Japanese maple🍁 Acer palmatum ~ probably around 300 years. Fujikawa Kouka-en, Japan” The Fujikawa Kouka-en garden is owned by bonsai master Keiichi Fujikawa and is located near Osaka, in the suburb of Ikeda.

This one belongs to our old digital friend Harry Harrington, who happens to be the author of several fine bonsai books including Foundations of Bonsai. Here’s Harry’s caption for this tree…”Autumn senescence is fast approaching. Here’s my Ulmus pumila/Siberian Elm bonsai this afternoon, with its leaves starting to turn yellow. Bonsai pot by Victor Harris”


I found this lovely work of art at 盆缽集錦交流社團

This one is from Hong Kong Bonsai Pots. Their caption says… Chojubai for sharing only (Chojubai is a variety of quince). I’m not sure why they couldn’t get the flower in focus, but I like it anyway.

An unidentified trunk from Walter’s garden (Walter Pall, who is almost certainly the most famous European bonsai artist, that is).

Here’s another one that belongs to Walter. It’s a Japanese euonymus.

Our neighborhood in Vermont. Posted by Caroline Demaio.

Speaking of Vermont, a friend from just up the road apiece had some of his bonsai stolen. Please contact me ( if you know anything. By the way the tree shown is an American larch that was originally mine. It’s in one of our tie pots and that’s one of Robert Steven’s ergonomically designed shears next to it.

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