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A Bonsai Advantage, Before & After Mugo Pine


Before and after Mugo pine (Pinus mugo) by Pavel Slovák. Pavel doesn't say, but this one looks like a yamadori (bonsai collected from the wild)

One of the great advantages of Mugo pines (aka Swiss mountain pine) for bonsai is they are so readily available. You can find them in nurseries almost anywhere and they come in a large variety of cultivars, from very dwarf to very large sizes

The smaller ones are characterized by short tight needles and short internodes, both advantages for bonsai. Another advantage to Mugo is they bud back easily, unlike some other pines


Pavel's after shot. You might notice the guy wire. You can't see how it's attached to the trunk, but it could be with a small screw


I cropped this one for a closer look at the trunk and deadwood


Pavel's original before shot. It never hurts to start with good stock


 The artist himself. Now that you can see the tree more or less in scale, II'll bet it's larger than you thought

 Here's your link to our source for these photos


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