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Walter's Giant S Curve Bonsai & a Trunk with a Mind of Its Own


This very exaggerated, very large S-curve juniper was posted by Walter Pall. Walter didn't mention the size, so we'll have to imagine just how large it is. I cropped the original (below) for a closer look at the S-curve

S curves seem have fallen out of favor in all but the most commercial bonsai circles. The invasion of tens of thousands of inexpensive bonsai, each with its own obvious S-curve might have something to do with it. Or maybe most S-curves are just too boring

Having said this, I kinda like S-curves. Or at least some of them. Ones that are unusual or so subtle you barely notice the curve. Or ones that are large and exaggerated like the one above. Fortunately, Walter Pall has obliged us with a few S-curves of his own, so we can get a feel for what they look like in the hands of a real pro


This soft S-curve at the top half of what starts out as a straight trunk, has a peaceful, inviting effect. The gradual, near perfect taper doesn't hurt either 

This S-curve is so severe that you might not notice or think of it as an S-curve at all. Part of it being almost hidden helps the disguise


  An S-curve on top of an S-curve? 


No S-curve here. Just a trunk with a mind of its own

Walter's original photo

The photos shown here were all posted by Walter Pall


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