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Another Bonsai That Looks Like a Tree - Before & After


Before & after Swamp paperback (Melaleuca ericfolia) by Gerard Schoofs. No dramatic change here, just some deft trimming that opens the branches up enough for a bird to fly through (inspired by John Naka)

Today we've got another bonsai that looks like a tree (remember John Naka's quote* from last week?). It's a Melaleuca ericifolia, commonly known as Swamp paperbark. It's in the Myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is native to south-eastern Australia

By the way, if you think you've seen this tree before, it was probably here. I prepared this post while being unaware that it's a duplicate (more or less). It's a long complicated story having to do with altitude sickness, jet lag and sleep deprivation. I hope you enjoy this new value added version


Before. Looks pretty good


After. Looks even better

 Full sized Swamp paperbark (Melaleuca ericfolia)
in its native Australian habitat
courtesy of the rich-in-information wonderful Wikipedia

Here's you link for more trees by Gerard Schoofs

*"Make your bonsai look like a tree" is a famous John Naka quote


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