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Mr. Miyagi & Tony Tickle - Two Famous Bonsai Artists


Tony Tickle's caption with this photo... "Mr Miyagi, please DON'T use that huge cutter on the tree."

I've long been a fan of Tony Tickle. His creativity and sense of humor stand out in our world bonsai community. And his bonsai artistry and craftsmanship in other media (like these Mr Miyagi sculptures) is also top notch 


Less than 6" tall


This lovely Sumac clump from Tony's timeline makes me want to go out and start digging some up (it's actually too late for that, but there's always the spring). Tony's caption reads... "Rhus and pot by my good friend Tom Benda Old school Michael"

 I found the tree images shown here on Tony's Facebook timeline. Tony also has an excellent website that's always worth a visit.


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