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Big Bonsai Blog


This defoliated Taiwanese bonsai posses a rare combination of sheer power and remarkably fine ramification.  

This Cloroleucon carabobensis is the handiwork of Nacho Marin a gifted Venezuelan artist who specializes in large dramatic bonsai. 

I found these three on Bonsai Boon's timeline where he wrote that he is proud to see his students Bonsai at BSF convention in Orlando,Florida.

This elegant Sumac was posted by Valentin Brose.

Once again our friend Michael Hagedorn is waxing (does waxing make sense without a modifying adverb?) about a companion plant: Hawkweed, genus Hieracium. This plant loves to live in a pot. Be sure to deadhead or it will start coming up in ALL your pots… The light green leaves are a saxifrage.

Ah, simple beauty. It belongs to Michael and here's part of its story: Red Maple, Acer rubrum, designed by the great Anne Spencer. About 32 years old now, it’s been a delight to have it in the garden for the last 10 years. 

Three's a charm. This Cupressus sempervirens was posted by Bruno Proietti Tocca. What you see above is the result of its third styling. Below are a couple of earlier shots.  

This shot must have been taken before the first styling.

Here's a personal touch with Bruno during the third styling. I suspect the tree is a bit bigger than you imagined. 

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