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Tiny Italian Bonsai


This little monster was posted by Andrea Valori. HIs caption reads: E si continua a lavorare sugli shohin autoctoni. The machine translation: And we continue to work on native shohin. This and the other photos shown here are all from a FB group called Shohin Art.

Here's another one that was posted by Andre Valori. The caption says: Kinsai dopo potatura; Kinsai after pruning. Kinsai is a Satsuki azalea cultivar.

This shohin Pyracantha was posted by Alberto Reghini.

This one and the next two were posted by Massimilano Moscatelli. The caption reads: Ligustro shohin stile kabudachi - cm 16 - quest’anno ha deciso di regalarmi un’abbondante fioritura; Kabudachi-style privet shohin - 16 cm (6 & 1/4") - this year has decided to give me abundant flowering. Even if you squint the flowers are hard to see.

This muscular little tree almost looks a hippo. Nice pot too. Posted by Massimilano Moscatelli as is the one above and the one just below. The caption reads: Ilex serrata shohin, cm 14 (5 & 1/2"). In attesa della floritura; Waiting for flowers.

Evonimus Sieboldii shohin - cm 13- anche quest’anno ottima ripresa post rinvaso; Euonymus Sieboldii shohin - 13 cm (5") - also this year excellent recovery after repotting.

Here's another one that was posted by Andrea Valori. Caption: La piccola kinsai come ogni anno; The little kinsai like every year. Kinsai is a popular Satsuki azalea cultivar. Maybe the rest is saying that it looks like this every year.

Finally, Biagio Puzone posted this one. Nothing else provided.

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