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Bill's Blooming Bonsai and a Gentle Reminder About the Upcoming U.S. National


Magnolia Bonsai with pink flower buds in oval pot by Bill Valavanis


Today, we've got five deciduous Magnolias that belong to Bill Valavanis. Just in case you don't know Bill, he is the third inductee into the U.S. National Bonsai Hall of Fame as well as a masterful bonsai artist, scholar, publisher, nurseryman and of course, the founder and still prime mover of the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibitions

I spoke with Bill a while back and he was confident that this fall's show will go on. Personally, I hope it does, but much depends on where we're at with the pandemic  
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flowering magnolia bonsai in oval pot by Bill Valavanis

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As always it is being held in Rochester, NY and the dates this year are September 12-13. For details and to register and find lodging, go to Bill's International Bonsai site

If conditions allow, I look forward to seeing you there!





close up of magnolia bonsai blooms from bill valavanis


Magnolia bonsai with flower buds by Bill Valavanis in oval pot


cover of International Bonsai Magazine no. 1 featuring spring bonsai blooms

Bill's famous bonsai magazine. You can subscribe on his site



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