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NEW! The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook - The Complete Guide for Beginners



 The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook 

Learn bonsai the traditional way with 70 types of trees and over 1,000 photos. Each step in the process of creating and maintaining bonsai is clearly illustrated by quality photos. This is in keeping with Show First, Tell Later, a superior way of teaching and learning almost everything
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This way is confirmed by Americans and other Westerners who have apprenticed in Japan. The master teaches by showing rather than wasting a lot of time trying to explain the process before you've even seen it done and perhaps tried to imitate it. Once you have the visual and even the kinetic experiences, words can be helpful and in this case, each photo is supported by a brief explanation. You might be surprised at just how well this works
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Yukio Hirose is an internationally respected bonsai artist and teacher and this remarkable book is the result of years of teaching beginning and intermediate bonsai students. We highly recommend it 
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The following is from the publisher's notes...

Written by one of Japan's foremost experts, The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook provides a complete overview of every aspect of bonsai gardening.

Over 1,000 photos demonstrate each step involved in raising and caring for 70 types of bonsai, supporting the book's "learn by imitation and observation" approach. This detailed book will serve as a timeless reference to cultivating pines, maples, flowering and fruit bearing trees and many other varieties.

This practical, comprehensive bonsai guide includes information about:
Types of bonsai and how to choose them
Basic tree shapes and how to display them
Tools, soils, and containers
Transplanting, root trimming, watering and fertilizing
Propagation, pruning, wiring and support
And much more!

About the Author:
Yukio Hirose fell in love with Bonsai at the Osaka World Expo in 1970 and has been devoted to growing, selling and teaching about bonsai ever since. He is the owner of Yamatoen Bonsai Garden in Kanagawa prefecture and is one of Japan's leading Shohin bonsai artists. An active instructor, Hirose offers workshops throughout Japan. He is an award-winning organizer of bonsai exhibitions and has served as the chair of the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association.

 The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook


 and while we're at it...

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