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Bonsai Auction Tonight! Win an Ancient California Juniper that Was Collected by Ben Oki and Styled by Ryan Neil - Proceeds Go to the Ben Oki Scholarship Fund



You can win this spectacular California Juniper. This photo and the closeups below are courtesy of Bonsai Mirai

We are delighted to help promote this opportunity for you to win a very special, very spectacular ancient bonsai, and support a worthy cause in the process. Be sure to sign up immediately!

The following is from the California Bonsai Society... 
"Within any art form, there are pioneers and leaders who dedicate their lives to expanding, sharing, and elevating the knowledge of that art. Among the great North American bonsai pioneers, Ben Oki is a figure that stands out as an ambassador.
"Ben’s contributions to bonsai continue to live on: his dedication to sharing education and fostering the next generation of practitioners was unrivaled. Now, his legacy grows even more significant with the creation of the Ben Oki Scholarship Fund through the California Bonsai Society."
Continued below...

Before. Super healthy and ready for Ryan. You can see the tree's true character peeking out on the right. Photo courtesy of the California Bonsai Society 


We know from experience that people like to see the before and after together. so here it is (we had to crop both the originals to fit the format)

 Quote from the California Bonsai Society continued from above...
"For the last two years, California Bonsai Society provided bonsai enthusiasts the opportunity to apply for The Ben Oki Scholarship Fund.  This program gives out five $200 scholarships annually for enthusiasts to use for their bonsai education and develop new skills. We are now partnering with Ryan Neil and Bonsai Mirai to really make this scholarship even more meaningful. We will be auctioning a Ben Oki collected, Ryan Neil styled, ancient California Juniper to raise funds to not only keep the scholarship going but to make it bigger and better. Follow the link below to register for the auction or to make a donation. Every little bit helps even if you can't bid on the tree. Please share this on your social media platforms to help us further the art of bonsai. 

"The auction will begin at 7:30pm PDT, September 3, 2019, coinciding with the airing of a video tribute to Ben Oki on Mirai Live at 6pm PDT.  Please help us carry Ben’s legacy forward as we pay tribute to a bonsai personality that elevated North American bonsai, and perpetuate Ben’s goal of spreading this art form and helping people to engage with it.
"Where to bid:
Auction/Donation link (Please register to be a bidder):
"Options to watch the video:
Mirai Live Link (Please register for a free 7-day Trial):
Mirai Facebook Page:
Mirai YouTube Channel:"





Time to jump in. You just might win and on the remote possibility that you don't, you've done a good thing for a worthy cause.  


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