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Branch Out! at the Pacific Bonsai Museum



Sierra Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. This remarkable old yamadori has been in training as a bonsai since 1991. The original artist was Masaharu Imazumi. I cropped the museum's photo (below) for a close look at the tree's fine details

The place to be... Every time I visit the Pacific Bonsai Museum (twice in person and repeatedly online) there's something new, imaginative, exciting, and highly creative going on. I don't know who dreams their events up (I suspect any number of people are involved), but my hat is off

What caught my attention this time is the Museum's upcoming Branch Out gathering coming up September 15th (see below). If it wasn't 2,962 miles away I'd see you there
Continued below...

Here's what you have to look forward to the evening of September 15th... Sip craft cocktails, wine & beer. Savor bites from local restaurants. Enjoy live entertainment. Come together for a short “Raise Your Paddle” program to benefit Pacific Bonsai Museum. Visit their website for details

Just in case you're not familiar with the Museum, here's something I lifted from their story on facebook...
"We connect people to nature through the living art of bonsai. Pacific Bonsai Museum is an open-air museum of living art set within a tranquil, forested area in Federal Way, Washington. We are one of only a handful of public museums in the world solely dedicated to bonsai. Opened in 1989 originally as a Weyerhaeuser Company collection that transitioned in 2013 to a non-profit organization, the Museum presents and interprets innovative exhibits showcasing bonsai from our diverse collection. We draw more than 38,000 visitors each year from the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan region, from across the U.S., and from 48+ countries around the world."


Pine shadows. Japanese White Pine (Pinus parvifolia) / Original artist: Yasuo Mitsuya 


This shot is from the Museum's 'Natives' exhibit, a mixed media extravaganza from 2017



It has been a long time since we've featured a viewing stone here on Bonsai Bark. This one is from Stone Images IX in 2018, where the Museum featured 28 stones collected from Washington, California, New Mexico, and Alaska by members of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association’s Viewing Stone Study Group



No description with this photo, but it looks like a yamadori Live oak (yamadori is a bonsai that was originally collected from the wild)



The original photo of the Sierra juniper at the top of this post


 The Pacific Bonsai Museum's lovely book 'Natives.' Available at Stone Lantern


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