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Bonsai Beasts of the Southern Wild


Beast of the Southern Wild. We don't know the dimensions of this monster, but we know it's a Bougainvillea. The artist is Nacho Marin

If you like large imposing bonsai, you've come to the right place... Today, it’s the bonsai of Nacho Marin, a South American artist who a few years ago burst into bonsai consciousness with intensity, daring and large doses of creativity. At the time we wrote... "Nacho is an artist who stands out in a world where new and exciting bonsai appear daily" and we haven't changed our opinion one whit since then. The photos shown here are from a post we did in November, 2017 


Here's one you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. This somewhat scary monster is a Pithecellobium unguis (Catclaw black bead), not something you often see in our Northern Hemisphere bonsai circles. I like its basic quality, with nature doing the heavy lifting and Nacho providing the finishing touches


This muscular beast is of the most impressive Buttonwoods we've seen in a while


Here's a massive Nea buxifolia powerhouse to knock your socks off (speaking of, stay posted for our new bonsai socks) 


This old Bougainvilla sports a rather fascinating, if somewhat grotesque looking trunk. And then there's the profusion of brilliant flowers (actually bracts, a strange thing about Bougainvillea)



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