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Bonsai Brilliance at Japan’s Satsuki Azalea Festival



This Satsuki azalea  with its powerful trunk and nebari would be a remarkable even without its brilliant flowers

The  bonsai featured here are from the 2018 Satsuki Azalea Festival in Ueno, Tokyo (even though they are from last year, this is the first time we’ve shown them). You can see these and more flowering Satsuki on Naoi Kenichi’s fb timeline.

Here’s something from Wikipedia on Satsuki azaleas
Satsuki azaleas have a diverse rnge of flower forms and color patterns with multiple patterns often appearing on a single plant. Satsuki bloom from May to June; the name “Satsuki” in Japanese is reference to their blooming period, the fifth month of the Asian lunar calendar. They are commonly used as a subject in bonsai and many bonsai enthusiasts and shows are dedicated solely to them. There are thousands of different varieties, but some popular ones are chinzan, kaho, gyoten, osakasuki, eikan, nikko, hakurei, hakurin, kinsai, and many more.







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