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Closeup of a Japanese black pine (Pinus thunbergii) that was exhibited by John Kirby at the 2018 National Bonsai Exhibition. The display table was built by David Knittle (details are below with the uncropped photo)

Flashing back to the 2018 6th National Bonsai Exhibition, here are a couple trees from the Exhibition that we haven’t shown yet, and one other tree that was shown at the 2018 Mid Atlantic Bonsai Festival. All three are on display tables that were built by David Knittle.

frankOlive (Olea europaea) bonsai by Frank Cucchiara that was displayed at the 2018 National Bonsai Exhibition. The Bolivian rosewood octagonal table was built by David Knittle. The top is 14" point to point x 22" high (35.5cm x 56cm)


tableThis Spindle style table by David Knittle was built to be in the National Exhibition. However the tree suffered a misfortune and could not be shown so the stand is available. You can contact David if you're interested. It's made of African rosewood - a very hard, stable wood, dark brown with a reddish undertone. 25" x 18" x 7" (63.5cm x 46cm x 18cm)


dk1w Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora var Kokone) in a Haramatsu-Tosui container and on a perfectly matched rosewood table by David Knittle. The photo is from the 2018 Mid Atlantic Bonsai Festival, where the tree was awarded the Best in Show, People's Choice & the American Bonsai Society's award. The tree is 80 plus years old and has been in training for about 75 years. John has owned and trained it for about ten years. The dimensions of the table are 30" x 20" x 5" high (76cm x 51cm x 12.7cm)


dkmain2An uncropped photo (see the photo at the top of the post) of John Kirby's Japanese black pine on rosewood table that was built by David Knittle using Nicaraguan rosewood (Dalbergia turcurensis). Dimension are 30" x 22" x  5.5" high (76cm x 56cm x 14cm)

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