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Bonsai of Bail


All today's bonsai are by Gede Merta of Bonsai Bali. This expressive Pemphis acidula is titled ‘People.’ I can only see one person with a long arm. Is he or she offering something? Or maybe scooping it up? 

Good full cascade bonsai aren't all that common. Especially ones with such an overall relaxed feel; the unusual way the foliage seems draped across the top and just how loose it hangs. Not to say that its wild shape and extraordinary deadwood aren’t enough to make this tree worthy. But then most of Gede Merte’s bonsai show wild shapes and extraordinary deadwood. The tree is another Pemphis acidula. A very common plant in Indonesia.

Another extraordinary Pemphis acidula.

And yet another Pemphis acidula. Gede Merta’s caption says: theme: bird.

This makes five in a row. The theme is dance.

Aha. A non-Phempis. The caption says Hokian tea. A more common name in English might be Fukien tea.

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