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Bonsai Outside the Lines: Bonsai by 鳳鳴盆栽


Today we've got some trees that you might call Eccentric. Or at least out of the mainstream. They are all by 鳳鳴盆栽, an artist with some interesting twists and turns. 

Here's a representative sample of bonsai by 鳳鳴盆栽. Or, at least some of his bonsai.

None of the trees are ID'd, but as you can see, there is a preference for junipers.

Loop to loop. 

Same tree. New apex. 

Maybe not eccentric, but a little unusual. 


A lot of his tree's are rangy like this, but this one strikes me as particularly well done. 

Loopy Crape myrtle. 

One of my favorites. Not as unconventional as some, but still pretty wild. 

Aha. 鳳鳴盆栽's perfect nod to tradition. 


Gallery Sources:

鳳鳴盆栽 on FB

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