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How to Grow Bonsai from Scratch: A Bonsai Course


One of the most satisfying experiences in our bonsai journey is developing bonsai from scratch. It takes more time and perhaps a little more attention to detail, but bonsai is about time and attention to detail anyway, so why not take the leap and reward yourself with a course by two highly accomplished bonsai artists.

Developing Bonsai from Seed is offered by Bonsai Empire and it's not just about seeds, but includes other time tested ways to start bonsai from scratch. Scroll down, take a look, give it some thought and then sign up (you can watch it whenever you want as many times as you want). You'll be happy you did.

Michael Hagedorn, bonsai artist teacher, author of Bonsai Heresy and Post-Dated, and the perhaps the person who has had the most profound influence on my bonsai journey...

... and Bjorn Bjorholm who just might be the most recognized North American bonsai artist and teacher (and for good reason). BTW, both Michael and Bjorn apprenticed in Japan.

Another shot of Michael from Bonsai Empire's Developing Bonsai from Seed course.

And Bjorn again.

Here's your link to Bonsai Empire's Developing Bonsai From Seed course

Speaking of Bonsai Empire's Courses
and Michael Hagedorn: Bonsai Empire's Kimura Masterclass, Reviewed by Michael Hagedorn



Bonsai Empire's Developing Bonsai from Seed

Bonsai Bark

Stone Lantern

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