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Bonsai Roundup with Bonsai Mirai, Eric Schrader and more


We've got a New Bonsai Roundup for you today. Enjoy!

Silver Fir at Bonsai Mirai

We found this sterling Silver Fir at Bonsai Mirai. Here is their description: 
Pacific Coastline - age: 100-250 Years - size: Large - collector: Jason Eider - potter: Byron Myrick - initial creator: Eric Shikowski - availability: Private Collection.

Redwood bonsai by Eric Schrader

This magnificent Coastal redwood in an upright weeping style was styled by Eric Schrader. We found in on FB at Bonsai Society.

Acacia with imported Chinese pot

I've seen full grown Acacia along some highways in costal California, but I don't think I've ever seen one quite like this. It was posted by Pete Inglis on FB. Here's what he had say about it: "Friday night Bonsai. It's been a while. Acacia Howitti, Sticky Wattle. Imported Chinese pot. Loving the early spring weather."

Moss cypress by Peter Tea

Here's a highly stylized Moss cypress by Peter Tea. And here's what Peter wrote about it: "The yearly cut back and thinning of this Moss Cypress has occurred! Tedious work but well worth it. We’re planning on repotting to tree into a different pot next Spring."

root over rock Trident Maple bonsai by Peter Tea

Another one from Peter Tea. "2nd defoliation for this root over rock Trident Maple.  Most of the time I defoliate this tree twice a year though sometimes just once depending on the strength of the tree that year.  It’s nice seeing the Winter silhouette in the middle of Summer.

鳳鳴盆栽 bonsai

This one was posted by 鳳鳴盆栽 on FB, and here's their comment:
"For all of you "WTF"? It may be considered "imitation", but it is a treasure to me. I've gotten much better after a couple of years since I was shaking. I love the shape of this tree 🤣 cleaned and measured. Fall leaves are just around the corner. My energy is number one 👍"

鳳鳴盆栽 bonsai

Another one by 鳳鳴盆栽. Are you detecting a pattern?

鳳鳴盆栽 bonsai

The other side. 

Bonsai Mirai

Here's another one from Bonsai Mirai. This time from FB. It's about their Summer Tree Mercantile. 


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2023 8th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition

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