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Bonsai - Rough and Ready


We've got some rough and ready bonsai and some others that are a bit more elegant. All by Walter Pall. 

Japanese maple by Walter Pall

I love everything about this tree. The lovely spring leaves, the pleasing shape of the crown, the profusion of rugged and distinctive trunks and and visible lower branches. And of course the powerful nebari. Here's Walter Pall's caption, "Japanese maple #30. About 65 cm high (26"). Pot by Walter Venne. Tree is originally from a cutting in a nursery in South Korea. It was imported to Germany in May, 2021."

Oriental hornbeam by Walter Pall

Here's a beefy Oriental hornbeam by Walter. No leaves so you can see the profusion of small branches and twigs. This wild natural look is one of Walter's trademarks. 

Oriental hornbeam with leaves by Walter Pall

Another Oriental hornbeam, but with leaves and a bit more pleasing to the eye. What a difference a few months make

Hornbeam bonsai by Walter Pall

Another rough and ready hornbeam. But this time a cascade. 

Trident maple bonsai by Walter Pall, pot by Walter Venne

Aha, a little less rugged and a lot more elegant. It's Walter's Trident maple #11. About 50 cm high (20"). Pot by Walter Venne. The tree was imported from Japan in 2001 and was styled by Jurg Staheli of Switzerland until Sept 2019 and then by Walter. 

Japanese maple by Walter Pall, pot by Walter Venne

Another colorful Japanese maple. It's Walter's #17. height 40 cm (16"). Pot by Walter Venne. Tree originally imported from Korea. 


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