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Bonsai Roundup with David Benavente, Francesco Santini, Ed Trout and more


We've rounded up a few trees by various artists for your viewing pleasure and hopefully inspiration. If you'd like to explore any on your own, there are links way below. 

David Benavente bonsai studio garden

David Benavente seems to present an endless train of brilliant bonsai. Most set in his perfect (yet relaxed) Bonsai Studio garden wonderland. 

David Benavente Wild olive bonsai restyled by Pablo Comesaña

Another one from David Benavente. Here's the caption, "New available. Wild olive, wild bonsai. Just restyled by Pablo Comesaña.

Potentilla fruticosa bonsai

Here's one that was posted by Moyogi Chris at the Bonsai Club Eda Uchi Kai on FB. Here's the caption, "A species not seen every day as a bonsai, this Potentilla fruticosa. But this specific tree from one of our club members, as shown during our recent exhibition, is not only extremely well developed, the tree/pot combination is just as stunning as well. Sometimes good things come together ...."

Itoigawa Juniperus chinensis bonsai by Francesco Santini

After and Before. Itoigawa Juniperus chinensis by Francesco Santini. 

Itoigawa Juniperus chinensis bonsai by Francesco Santini

Pinus parviflora bonsai by Francesco Santini

Pinus parviflora by Francesco Santini.

bonsai tree against wall in oval bonsai pot

This one was posted by Kuanghua Hsiao. Here's the caption, 分享自 Komunitas Bonsai 的的相片。And here's the machine translation, Shared photo from Komunitas Bonsai.

Buttonwood bonsai by Ed Trout

Here are a couple crazy Buttonwoods by Ed Trout who lives in Florida. 

Buttonwood bonsai by Ed Trout

Here's Ed's caption. "I grew up climbing Buttonwoods during my youth in the Florida Keys. I clearly remember the odd shapes of these incredible trees, and how beautiful they are as giant specimans. The “crazy” ones stuck in my brain, so that’s probably why I style many of my trees in those contorted shapes. Not sure if the shapes are crazy, or it’s me that’s crazy 😂? Then again maybe I do know…."

Bougainvillea bonsai by Ed Trout

And finally a Bougainvillea, also by Ed Trout. 


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