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Bonsai Without Pots & a Quick Glimpse into the Future


This unusual rock planting is the handiwork of Michael Hagedorn. The tree is a Western hemlock

We can't stay away from Michael Hagedorn's artistry for long. Not only is Michael one of North America's most accomplished bonsai artists and teachers, but he's a wonderful writer with one thoroughly enjoyable book under his belt and another on the way (see below) .

This time I thought I'd treat you to a few of Michael's potless bonsai. We're busy with the season, so I won't say more. If you'd like to see more of Michael's potless bonsai and how they're done, you can visit him on his Crataegus Bonsai blog/website


Michael's famous very large Mountain hemlock clump 


Now you know just how large very large is


Rocky mountain juniper


Ezo spruce clump


Vine maple


No, this photo does not need to be rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. The tree is a hybrid, with Itoigawa juniper foliage grafted onto a Rocky mountain juniper 


 Michael's Post-Dated 
still the best bonsai read

 Anticipating Bonsai Heresy

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting
Andy Warhol

 Coming in the Spring of 2020

"Finally, a bonsai book that corrects the record once and for all!
Not only does Michael dispel long-held bonsai myths, but he wonderfully weaves personal, often self-deprecating anecdotes
into the mix. 
Well written, deeply researched, and perfectly timed,
Bonsai Heresy
is a must-read for every bonsai enthusiast."
—Bjorn Bjorholm, bonsai artist and educator

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