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Nishikiten Bonsai - Another small branch on the right and whole thing topples


Another small branch on the right and whole thing topples. I don't have to tell you just how dynamic this planting is. Nor do I have to tell you just how beautiful it is. Aside from everything else the profusion of lush plants, all at the pinnacle of health, bring the whole thing to life. This and the other photos shown here are from UNIÓN DEL BONSAI ESPAÑOL's website. The event was Nishikiten 2019 

I stumbled across these photos by accident while I was looking for something else. They're from a bonsai event that was held recently near Barcelona. The text with details about the event and venue are below in English and Spanish

I loosely edited a very mediocre machine translation* and came up with the following. I hope I got it right (the original Spanish is below)
"Dear friends and fans of bonsai. Last weekend's bonsai exposition was held at the Nau Dents de Serra at the Roca Umbert Cultural Center in Granollers la Nishikiten. Organized by the Art of Bonsai Association, we enjoyed another year of an incomparable setting for a great exhibition. In addition to this, we also host other activities related to Japanese arts and cculture"

*Just the other day I said machine translations are getting much better. Well, 'some machine translations...'


No names are given if this isn't an English ivy I'll eat my bonsai embroidered baseball cap 

Here;s the Spanish... "Queridos amigos y aficionados del bonsái. El fin de semana pasado se celebró en la Nau Dents de Serra del Centre Cultural Roca Umbert de Granollers la Nishikiten. Organizada por L’Associació Art del Bonsái pudimos disfrutar un año más de un marco incomparable para disfrutar de una gran exposición, además de poder contar con diferentes actividades relacionadas con el mundo japonés."

Here's that tasty embroidered cap I said I'd eat
You can eat one too if you want



European olive   


 You can tell Japanese maples by the leaves, though there are other features that give them away 

As you can see I picked just four trees (all cropped above, with the originals below). There are close to seventy bonsai images on the original site. By only showing four, I hope to encouraged you to visit them. And when you're done visiting them you can...





If you'd like to see more, here's your link to the original site



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