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Bonsai Delicatessen


This and the other photos shown here are from the 2nd UBE Bonsai Convention the was held recently in Aranjuez, Spain

I get more impressed every time I see photos of bonsai in Spain. It's not just Spain of course, impressive bonsai are popping up over much of the world. Still, the Spanish are doing their fair share when it comes to top notch bonsai. And equally important, top notch bonsai presentation and photography 

I found these photos at Bontxai_bonsai delicatessen. All were taken at the 2nd UBE Bonsai Convention. None were identified or attributed












I cropped the lead photo for a closer look at the tree. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, but a cursory look only turned up one that is similar (a Taxus by Mauro Stemberger- see our newsletter  - you can sign up for it on the right side or the bottom of this post)

All the photos above are from Bontxai_bonsai delicatessen on Facebook


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