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Circles, Semi Circles and Waves


Circles, semi-circles and waves. It's a yamadori Pemphis acidula by Gede Merta

It has been awhile since we visited Gede Marta and his Bonsai Bali. Mr Merta often works with yamadori (collected from the wild) Pemphis acidula, a tropical plant native to the Indo Pacific region, which includes Indonesia and specifically Bali, Gede Merta's home

I'm not sure if it's his doing or the natural look of collected Pemphis acidula (most likely a bit of both), but Gede Merta's bonsai, especially his Pemphis, have a distinctive look that's easy to identify 

All the trees below are also Pemphis acidula by Gede Merta


That's Gede Merta's face in the corner 




 Here's a photo of Gede Merta from a post we did in 2016

You can enjoy more of Gede Merta bonsai on Facebook 


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