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Boon's American Larch - Which Pot Do You Prefer?


 Boon is at it again... One American larch, five pots (the original pot is below)

A quick note about Stone Lantern and the virus...

As you might imagine things are a little crazy right now. All four of us on staff are in full or partial quarantine. Ric is coming in to ship orders and is alone in the warehouse. Barbara and I are self quarantined but our office is attached to our house, so we can still work. And Corey is staying home with her family.

So, long story short, in order to manage my work load I am resurrecting this post from exactly one year ago today. I hope you enjoy it. And more importantly, I hope you are well

If you need bonsai wire, there is an important message for you below...

 Continued below...

 Pot number 1

Continued from above….
Boon is at it again. This time it’s our favorite tree here in northern Vermont, the American larch (Larix laricina). Most people around here call it Tamarack, the Algonquian name that means wood used for snowshoes. No matter what you call it, it’s our best local species for bonsai. Bar none

All the images in this post were borrowed from Boon Manakitivipart’s fb timeline (the image at the top is a composite that we put together)


Pot number 2


Pot number 3


Pot number 4 



 The original pot


 We are going to run out of Kilo wire

Because of the virus, our next order of wire hasn't left China yet
with no ETD in sight. Normally it would have arrived by now

In order to help insure the survival of our business
we are going to raise the price of Kilo wire on Saturday, March 21st
from our discounted 19.95 to our full price of 21.95

100 and 500 gram rolls will stay the same for now,
though we are almost out of most 100 gram sizes
Our supply of 500 gram rolls is good for the moment

Thank you for your understanding
Our menu with wire and other products is above



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