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Deciduous Bonsai Early Development & More Heresy


Here's some of what Michael Hagedorn wrote about this old Styrax... "A natural, flowing styrax from Japan with gorgeous multiple trunks and branching. This is a pot-grown tree." And... "with this naturally styled tree, notice that there’s little distinction between a trunk and a branch. The flow from a trunk into a branch is invisible."

When I started this post I thought it would be easy. I'd just show you these photos and some of Michael Hagedorn's text and encourage you to visit his blog for the rest.

However, the photos and text we're using are from the forth part in Michael's series on developing deciduous bonsai, so jumping in this late in the game, might be putting the cart before the horse

In light of this, I'll encourage you to visit Michael's blog for part 1 so you can work your way through the series (if you insist on skipping ahead, you can go straight to part 4)

But, before you go, there's one salient point worth mentioning here. It's the difference between pot growing and field growing or collecting from the wild (both of the trees shown here were pot grown). Here's part of what Michael has to say about this...

"Many of the old deciduous bonsai in Japan were grown in containers. They weren’t collected, and many weren’t grown in the ground.

"In general we tend to have less focus in the West on pot-grown bonsai. By pot-grown, I also mean growing in a flat or other nursery container for a while. And by this method there is much greater control over results—but of course, it is also slower. Reason enough to dismiss it."


Here's part of what Michael wrote about this pot grown old Styrax...
"In this photo, look at the branch halfway up that comes right at the viewer.
In that upper trunk area of bonsai throw out the idea of ‘eye poker’ branches,
as without them we get a naked frontal view.


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