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Pure Bonsai Muscle & an American Bonsai Pioneer at the Huntington


Pure muscle and billowing clouds. The sign says Shimpaku, but I wonder if it's a California juniper with Shimpaku foliage grafted on. I can't quite read the name of the person (Mike ?) but I can read Golden State Bonsai Federation

I borrowed today's photos from Brian Van Fleet. Brain took the first two at the Huntington Museum. The others are trees from his own collection. This is a first for us, we've never featured Brian's photos or his trees. We look forward to more


I can read the sign on this one. It's a Foemina juniper that belonged to by Ben Oki, a giant of West Coast, American and world bonsai who passed away last year 

Here's something from a post we did in February, 2018... "RIP Ben Oki, respected and loved American Bonsai pioneer, teacher and friend to countless bonsai enthusiasts. Here’s part of a post from Verso, the blog of the Huntington Botanical Gardens where Mr Oki was curator of the bonsai collection (written before Ben Oki’s passing)…  “When Ben Oki first saw a bonsai tree as a curious youngster of six, he asked his father what bonsai was. “It’s something people do when they retire,” his father explained. Luckily for the world of horticulture, Oki didn’t wait that long to start.

The curator of the bonsai collection at The Huntington, Oki is one of the world’s leading masters of the art of bonsai. Trained under the tutelage of legendary master John Naka, Oki has devoted more than four decades to the art and has received so many honors as a teacher himself that several prestigious awards bear his name, including the Ben Oki International Design Award sponsored by the Bonsai Clubs International… 


Nice tree. It and the two just below belong to Brian Van Fleet. Here's Brian's caption... "Hawthorn, the back side...kinda like the dark side of the moon. Suishoen pot, vintage Tokoname"


Brian's "Shohin Itoigawa Shimpaku in a Bigei pot"


Brian again... "Sumo Shohin trident maple, Ino Shukuho pot...the star of the show" I like both the tree and the pot, but I think I would like the combination better if the pot were just a tad smaller. 

The photos shown here are all from Brian Van Fleet's fb timeline

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