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Another Sad Story of Stolen Bonsai


Even though this Shimpaku juniper was stolen in Japan, it can serve as a reminder to protect your bonsai
 It's always a sad story when bonsai are stolen. The chances of recovery are low and the condition of the trees, if and when they are recovered is seldom good.
In this case, it was the masterpiece Shimpaku* pictured above and below (along with other unidentified bonsai) that was stolen from the Bonsai Garden in Kawaguchi city, Saitama Prefecture (details below). 


Cropped for a closer look

Here's the machine translated text with this tree (I cleaned it up into passable English)... "Please spread the word. Some Bonsai From The Bonsai Garden in Kawaguchi city, Saitama Prefecture have been stolen including the tree in the photo. This tree has been selected for the 88th Japanese-Style Bonsai Exhibition*  The pot is line corner (the same as the picture), and the height is about 85 cm.
It seems that the theft and damage have already been submitted to the police. If you are aware of this true, please contact us at the bonsai garden below, and we hope you will be able to help us."
Rakuen Rakuen (Lord of yasushi imure) 048-295-1550
Bonsai theft is ongoing. Everyone, please take care of the management of your bonsai."

I found the photo and translated text on Yoshihiko Moriyama's timeline

*Could the exhibition they are referring to be Kokufu, the most famous bonsai exhibition in the world? How many others have been around for 88 years?

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