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Brilliant Bonsai by Kimura and Friends


This lovely Cotoneaster is from the34th Taikan-ten Bonsai Exhibitoin. No information on the artist or owner is given.

We’ve got a real treat for you today… some of Japan’s finest bonsai by some of the world’s most accomplished bonsai artists. Enjoy!

Japanese white pine from Masahiko Kimura’s collection. This and the other photos shown here were borrowed from Facebook. Scroll down for the link.

This Shimpaku planting is one of Mr Kimura’s famous artificial rock plantings. And yes, he made the rock too. 

Kimura’s famous Flying Dragon Shimpaku juniper. 

This magnificent monster Black pine with its ancient bark lives at Taisho-en Bonsai Garden. 

A little background action at sunset. It’s a Japanese black pine at Taisho-en.

This striking Needle juniper is at Taisho-en. 

Diospyros Kaki Japanese persimmon at Kunio Kobayashi’s Shunk-en Bonsai Museum.

Another masterpiece at Shunka-en. This time it’s a Shimpaku juniper with outstanding flowing deadwood, a single living vein and a powerfully strong and compact crown which was no doubt designed to hold its own in contrast with the sheer power of the deadwood.

Here’s your link for today’s source.

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